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Write Away: “Moil”

This week, I’m obsessing about, “Moil,” thanks to a suggestion from Chris St. Clair. Here are some of the many definitions:  – To work hard : drudge  – To whirl or churn ceaselessly; twist; eddy.  – Glassmaking. a superfluous piece of glass formed during blowing and removed in the finishing operation. – Origin 1350 – 1400 It’s actually a […]

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Write Away – “Petrichor”

This week, I’m thinking about, “Petrichor.”  (#amwriting) – A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. – Find this definition at – Coined in the 1960’s. Do you remember that wonderful smell of freshly cut grass from childhood?  I do.  Sunday mornings after Dad mowed the lawn. […]

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Write Away – “Canting”

Gotta love those interesting words. This week, I’m obsessing about, “Canting” (No, not catting).  Here are 3 of the many definitions: – To bevel; form an oblique surface upon. – To put in an oblique position; tilt; tip. – To throw with a sudden jerk. – Origin 1560-1570 Find the full set of definitions for canting at […]

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