#DinnerLastNight: Green Detox Soup from Skinnytaste.com

June 20, 2020

Photo from Skinnytaste.com

I must admit my brain’s translation feature no longer works, ever since it equated “Covid-19 Quarantine” to “Eat Like You’re In College, Jacqui.” Cookies, ice cream, croissants, snack sized candy, and the lovely spirits; my food choices have morphed into meals I don’t recognize until they show up on the scale. To begin to counter this, I cooked a wonderful recipe from Liz Moody’s cookbook Healthier Together, also presented online by Skinnytaste.com. Green Detox Soup With Toasted Hemp Gremolata.

I don’t decide to make this soup lightly. It does take time, so I always cook the full amount, which for me equates to extra meals so I freeze at least two. You do have to take care with the hemp gremolata so it doesn’t burn, but I think the result is an 8 or 9 on the yummy scale, depending on how you like green soups.

I also can’t stress enough the value of Skinnytaste.com’s website. Sign up for their emails and you can get a weekly menu planner, which is great if you eat meat. I don’t eat barnyard animals, but I still find tasty ideas. And just to be clear, I’m only a fan and not an affiliate or friend. I do, however, regularly trust their recipes.

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