Write Away – “Canting”

Gotta love those interesting words.

This week, I’m obsessing about, “Canting” (No, not catting).  Here are 3 of the many definitions:

Write Away Cat - Reduced

– To bevel; form an oblique surface upon.

– To put in an oblique position; tilt; tip.

– To throw with a sudden jerk.

– Origin 1560-1570

Find the full set of definitions for canting at Dictionary.com.

I especially like the verb when used to describe a head toss by a human.  It’s different from a jerk or a nod, and the word, “nod” shows up way too often in my current manuscript!


Her:  “I’m buying a new dress, so there!”  She cants her head in defiance.

Him:  Seeing the head toss… “Hmm, I see you cant.”

Her:   “Yes, I can!”

Him:  “I didn’t say you couldn’t.”


I saw this word used much more cleverly in a blogpost called, “Sin on a Plate,” from one of my favorite sites for writers, thrillwriting.blogspot.com, by Fionna Quinn.  Check it out!


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