#DinnerLastNight – 06/06/20:

Coconut Broth Clams w/Lemongrass

Photo From Skinnytaste.com

Are there yummy ways to cook clams besides the standard chowders? Yes, and I’ve been missing out for most of my life! Two nights ago I tried, Coconut Broth Clams with Lemongrass, from Gina Homolka, the author and recipe developer for the website Skinnytaste.com.

I followed Homolka’s suggestion by adding toasted artesian bread (brushed with olive oil) to dip into the broth. I paired it with a small, simple salad. The aroma and the flavors – Yum!

Skinnytaste.com continues to be a favorite source for inspiration. The recipes are given one or more labels, such as Low Carb, Paleo, Gluten Free, etc. and I’ve pretty much always enjoyed the meal.

Note: this recipe is labeled Under 30 Minutes, but make sure you see the caveat – the clock starts after the clams are cleaned, a soaking process for at least and hour and fifteen. I’m glad I did my “mise en place,” because then the recipe goes pretty quickly.

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