Sorrel Puree

Do you love easy sauces that taste wonderfully gourmet?

As of today, I’m a new fan of a Sorrel Puree, a quick and easy sauce for eggs and potatoes.  I found the recipe in Deborah Madison’s, “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone,” but she also mentions it on her website,  I’ve included the directions from that site in the post below.

“I pull away the stems by folding the leaves back and running the stems up the center. Then I drop them into a pan with a little butter and cook until the leaves dissolve into a purée. It’s not pretty, but it’s a great asset.”

How do I know the puree is tasty?  Since seeing the movie, “The Hundred Foot Journey,” I’ve been craving a great omelet.  Using a variation on Madison’s instructions, I made mine with lots of blanched parsley, dill, shallots and tarragon, filled with a little tomato and a shaving of sheep cheese.  Then I “basted” it with the sorrel puree.  Shhh…I might have first dribbled melted butter on top.  

This will sound arrogant, but my omelet turned out to be one of the best that that I’ve tried in a long time.  I think the wonderful, gourmet taste was due mostly to the sorrel puree and then the extra herbs inside.  Madison claims the sauce is ideal for both eggs and potatoes.  I’m looking forward to repeatedly verifying that claim.

By the way, I was fortunate to enjoy my favorite omelette at a restaurant on Mont. St. Michele in France – with a side of lobster and a creamy French sauce.  It was eons ago. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the details.  But the image of the restaurant in my head looks and feels a lot like La Mere Poulard.

Note:  If this posting seems a random based on my normal topics, I’d planned to post it in my upcoming blog, “Scrumptious in Seattle.”  The new blog isn’t ready, but I’m starting to launch the twitter account (ScrumptiousNsea).

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