J.D. Sullivan is a Seattle author and technology PM with an intense attraction to books, movies and clever TV, anything that delivers an exciting and emotional punch.  With an early interest in writing (her first story at age six detailed the marriage of Frank N. Stein and Dina Sour), she’s currently re-writing her first thriller.  J.D. has completed two of the University of Washington’s Popular Fiction Writing certificate programs, both levels I and II.  And for the past four years, she’s attended frequent workshops on the craft and business of writing.

An active volunteer and board member for the Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA), she’s helped the non-profit expand their online presence, provide webinar access to monthly workshops, and launch the PNWA Nancy Pearl Book Award, a new literary contest for published authors.

In her day job, J.D. works with companies such as Vulcan Inc, Moz Inc, IBM, and American Express, managing teams to build cool and useful technologies, honing her writing skills with business communications.  In that technical life, people would know her as Jacqueline or Jacqui (Davinroy) Sullivan.

J.D is caretaker to Pandora, her cat and unrelenting master.  As time allows, J.D. is also a sometimes hiker who’s slightly obsessed about the environment, and is a frequent vegetarian who loves good food and the chilly weather of the Northwest.