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Trying My Hand at Kindle Worlds

New derailed train

From WikipediaAfter three weeks of non-stop edits on my book, my brain has officially gone off the tracks.

After three weeks of non-stop edits on my book, my brain has officially gone off the tracks.

My progress has derailed. I’m sitting at a whistle stop letting off steam, looking up train expressions on The Free Dictionary and trying to fit them all into a single posting. To imply that I’m pretty much a train wreck at the moment is an understatement.

Why? The book I’ve written, nurtured, cajoled, rewritten, ignored, edited, obsessed over and struggled to bring into existence is almost complete. It took six months longer than I expected to finish. It insisted I include subplots that threw me for a loop. It also forced me to face things that freaked me out.  Now with a light at the end of the tunnel, I’m faced with an important decision. Where to next?

First: No more train analogies. A little goes a long way.

Second: Time to diversify. I’m hoping to work with an agent for my current book and attempt the traditional publishing route. In parallel with that, I plan to take advantage of an interesting Amazon program for writers, Kindle Worlds.

What is it? It’s Amazon’s way of monetizing fan fiction; for them, for the original author, and for the writer who’s a fan. Writers write stories for one of Kindle’s many chosen worlds, i.e. published books. If the submission meets the guidelines and is selected, it’s published with other stories associated with that world. And because there are lots of other stories, the publicity is increased.   There’s also the fun and the challenge of writing within an existing setting and character set.


Does this sound like a calculated way to get my writing seen? Partially. In 2014, almost 305,000 new titles and re-published books were released. Can you name 30? Probably not, and 30 titles is far less than one percent of the total.  As writers, we need to look for creative ways to distribute our writing and become known.  Plus, I think I have a cool idea that will work well with Terry Persun’s, Doublesight. Terry is a prolific writer who created this very cool fantasy world chosen by Amazon for their program. In full disclosure, he’s also on the board of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association – PNWA, as am I.   I’ve been thinking about my Doublesight characters and I can’t wait to get started! (#doublesight!)

Third: I’ll be plotting a sequel to my current book. I write sci-fi and I’ve read publishing houses like the idea of repeat customers. If I do my job well, people will want to know what happens after my current book’s, “The End.”

Cool train

From Wikipedia

For anyone interested, while in the midst of these next steps, I’m heading to the PNWA Writers Conference starting on July 28th.  This event is run by an organization that’s supported writers for 61 years. The conference organizers go out of their way to find agents and editors seriously interested in new clients.  They also schedule workshops that address writing skills, the publishing world, and marketing. I’ll be volunteering at the event. If you see me, say hi and tell me what’s next on your track.

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  1. terrypersun says:

    Thanks for the mention. I can’t wait to see what you come up with as a final product. I love your idea.

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